JJ_MacCrimmon (jj_maccrimmon) wrote in lj_election_en,

Why I should be YOUR representative to the LJ Advisory Board

Why on earth should anyone nominate or vote for me?

The direction that Live Journal is taking in near and long term should be influenced directly and clearly by the members of the massive on-line community that it is. This nomination and election process is an opportunity to give the members a voice in that direction. The thoughtfulness that we take in guiding that process is up to you. This advisory board could be very useful or it could be completely lame. At this point the only way to know is to try to be elected to the position.

My Platform:
If nominated and subsequently elected, I will work to keep the new owners of LJ and Six Apart from ruining the community that LJ has become.

I'll try to suggest ways to improve the friending system so that dead accounts or abusive accounts can be removed from your friends list.

I'll suggest improvements in which moderators can manage their communities better including ways to edit or hide posts.

I'll suggest improvements to Live Journal Gallery system which has so much potential and has been neglected as a mere afterthought.

Most people who have seen me actively involved or managing very communities will agree that I've been a mellow and very responsible moderator or member.
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