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My Nomination.

I'm eyenot. I've been eyenot since 1991, originally as Sysop of The Longboat BBS (517).

Currently I maintain these LJ communities:

bikes - I think bikes are the wave of the future. A lot of people tell me that's absurd but I just remind myself that the father of the American highway was himself aonce Chief Consul of the League of American Wheelmen.

plants - I think plants are the wave of the future. A lot of people tell me that's absurd, that all we need to survive are lots of machines and technology, and that they'll always run as long as we give them blood sacrifice and uranium pellets. For some reason I just beg to differ.

ads - I've done some LLC co-ownership "work" in advertising and marketing for political campaigns, mostly grassroots efforts towards "reaching across the aisle" (bridging the big two party interests and getting candidates to show nonpartisan promise). I'm the sort of person that forgets uninteresting commercialism but always remembers sufficiently strong presentation -- aren't we all?

earlyadopters - I regret that I didn't form this community as soon as I noticed that earlyadopter account types aren't automatically joined to a community the way paidusers are. Earlyadopters might have had the voice we (meaning all of us at LJ) needed earlier on. Things might have been vastly different here, unrecognizably different.

truehomeless - Still no members. Mostly my fault; it's a closed membership only for those who are truly, actually homeless. No pretenders; no merely below-poverty-line-income lifestylers or motel-rooming nomads admitted. I actually sleep most nights in a cardboard shack. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Some communities you might remember me from but I've given over to other maintainership:
taoism, 211 (steel reserve beer enthusiasm), survive (suvivalism), utopias, anger (anger management), and I dunno, a bunch of other ones.

So, where do I stand on the hot-button issues (replete with "*IF* I am elected wishlist):

* Freedom of speech: I'm willing to talk with international authorities and moderate the treatment of journals and their owners, based on their journals' contents, on either a case-by-case or en-masse basis depending on what I feel is called for. To facilitate this task, I will request that the advisory board be regularly notified of any criminal charges pressed by any nations against any persons where their cases involve their LiveJournal contents as evidence. I will do my best to represent the interests of our clientele as an advocate for their rights, but I have to make it clear ahead of time that international laws, while easy to comprehend, are by no means my right to affect or change. All I can promise is that I will try to influence situations within my means to do so, for the sake of protecting the rights of livejournal clientele, be they for-free or for-pay users.

* Integrity of Promise: I will see to it that promises made to us by the company's owners are fulfilled by the company's owners. I will be forthright with breach of contract and other legal complaints against the company's owners if they fail to maintain their end of the terms of service, on behalf of the userbase's vested interests, as they share my own.

* Commercialisation: I will see to it that LiveJournal is commercialised to the fullest extent and sees its fullest potential as a business growth medium, advertisement venue, and virtual lobby. The Commercial account type I suggested some time ago seems to have very high potential and I'm ready to see it completely realised. I want to see all LJ users benefit from this commercial growth, at first as consumers of a powerful online marketing product, and eventually as equity-earning shareholders enjoying capital returns on the entire operation. For the future? I'd like to see LiveJournal holding some legal precedent equal to the patenting of single-click purchasing. But we have to act immediately and we need *me* and my business-world contacts to direct this endeavour if we want optimal and not merely nominal success.

Don't let my rugged hobo facade dictate your every perception of my persona. As it stands I have several reasons for my current standard of living, including liability shelter, stress-free and obligation-free lifestyle, social acclimation, nomadic adaptability, and essential primitivism. And beneath my smelly, dirty homeless exterior (I'm not bullshitting you), I am exactly the sort of visionary dynamo LiveJournal needs calling *all* their shots... so I of course am willing to accept this lesser, potentially figurehead position of "Board Advisor".
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