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Please support Jay Maynard for the LJAB

Please support me for the English-language post on the LiveJournal Advisory Board.

Yes, I'm the Tron Guy. That's not all I bring to the table, though:

  • I've been an LJ member since 2002. I can't say I've made as many journal entries as some, but I think that I know how things work as well as anyone who has.
  • I've followed all of the controversies that LJ has had to deal with since that time, and understand how they should have been handled in order to avoid the undesirable consequences that happened in the real world.
  • I've been around the Internet and its precursors since 1987. I understand intimately how the net works, and how people interact with and on it.
  • I'm a Professional Registered Parliamentarian. I've been involved with organizations and their governance for over 30 years, and have a lot of experience in what makes things work well.
  • I believe that LJ should keep its users in mind, first and foremost - not the advertisers or their concerns. That doesn't mean that they don't count; it just means that they should realize that it's the average user that makes the site worth advertising on in the first place.

If you think these things are important, then I ask for your support and your vote. Thanks.
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