rowanwagner (rowanwagner) wrote in lj_election_en,

Greetings From Central Asia

Dear Cyber-Citizens,

I am seeking a user-representative position on the LiveJoournal Advisory Board. I seek this postion not for my own interest but to give voice to many in Central Asia and around the world who do not  enjoy the opportunity to be connected and engaged in expressing themselves due to political. social and economic constraints, such street children, refugees, internally displaced persons, true democracy seeker, and  People Living with HIV and other social stigatized diseases.

The time is now to reverse the self-destructive trends that our world faces in terms of avoiding environmental, social and political challenges that need to be addressed to solve the deep and complex we are all facing. To do this,we need to  truly use the strength and synergy of this platform in gaining the collective voice and knowledge needed to solve these challanges. This would be my role in the position should I be elected.  

Thank you for your valuable time


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