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Greetings, all! I'm a 39-year-old geek from Rhode Island, currently living in Maine. I joined LJ in July 2003, but I had already been blogging for a couple of years before that. I started with the net in the days where I'd connect to Compuserve from my Vic-20 with its 300-baud modem, and really started discovering the possibilities online when I started at Brown, where I majored in Computer Science. I started using the handle "Sarek" online in January 1986, when I tried to log on to the predecessor to RELAY@YALEVM as "Spock", but someone had beaten me to it. :-) The first Usenet post I can identify as mine came shortly after that. Unsurprisingly, it was also related to Trek.

In 1989, I met the woman I would later marry, rime1994, in another chat room. The first "I love you" I got from her was over the net, and I immediately shared my joy with FREETALK@KRS... umm, darn, it's been too long to remember the servername. Oh, well... A couple of years later, when the phone bills started looking like rent payments, I moved up to Maine, where I got my start in database programming. My work with FoxPro would eventually take me out to the Pacific Northwest, where I spent time at Microsoft as a contractor, an FTE, and later a contractor again. The stress of being so far away from our families told on us, though, and after about 7 years, we moved back to Maine, where I'm a programmer for a sizable medical practice. I've blogged, MUDded, irced, flickred, eBayed -- basically, if it can be done online, I've probably done it at least once.

I ran for Orono Town Council once, wanting to be a bridge between the students and townfolk, but came in 6th out of 6. I'm currently active with the Brewer Democrats, and also with the Brewer Hometown Band -- I've been playing clarinet for over 30 years, and was good enough at one point to get into Oberlin's Double Degree program.

At first, LiveJournal was just a place to comment on other people's journals, but as time went on, I started posting myself, and adding interests, and joining (and starting) communities. I follow friends, acquaintances, famous people, and random folks whose style I like. I'd like to be on the Advisory Board so I can help keep it a place where my kids can post, as well as a place where people can post things I wouldn't want the kids to see quite yet. Online freedom is very important to me.

(BTW, maybe the spellchecker shouldn't flag "LiveJournal"?)

Thank you.
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