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Vote for Jodawi! For example, this is a meme you can do if you are bored.

I trundle sideways for the advisory board, across the tundra.

I have no qualifications:
  1. I don't really give a damn.
  2. Except when I do, and then I make an ineffectual post to my journal that nobody cares about.
  3. I don't expect the position would really do much of use.
  4. I don't have time for it, and will be really annoyed if I actually get elected.
  5. Good lolcats are fun.

In short, I'm just like you! (Some restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited by greedy maw.)

Your interests will therefore be represented with fabulous exactitude and other adjectives of note. Do your part for whatever today. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your parents, tell your pet teacup! Just copy the text below and leave it in a comment on this post. (Do be careful to get the first character, in addition to the rest of the text, or bad bad things will happen.)

LiveJournal Advisory Board Elections

I support jodawi to be my representative on the Advisory Board.

Show your support here.

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