just me (jenufa) wrote in lj_election_en,
just me

why you should vote for me?

Naturally, you should vote for the wonderful me, halfmilk!

I'm nice to a fault, have lived on LJ for years (and years... and years...)

I've been everywhere, a lot of people know me, whether or not they want to.

Despite being trapped in many dramas, I still manage to not have an ED page, and that should be an accomplishment within itself.

Plus, I'm pregnant, and don't we all take pity on a nice pregnant woman from time to time? :)

Also, I don't talk too much nor give out promises I'll likely never keep. ;)

And I'm not a psychopath who worries about other peoples' choices in life, unless they're actually harming themselves, unlike the loons who've flown in here! Golly, but the things that happen when I'm not looking. Some of you really need help! Please seek some. :)

Disclaimer: I do not wish to force abortions on anyone, but feel that they should be available for people who really should not breed. Some examples can be found in the comments here. For everyone else, I suggest babies! Whether it be a baby human, a baby puppy, or just a jar of baby food, for those who still need to grow up. :)
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