May 6th, 2008


Vote for me if...

You want LiveJournal to concern itself with legal issues only. If you want LJ to not interfere with content, as long as the UN doesn't declare it illegal (the Internet can't be governed by any ONE country, after all). If you want to be able to have the freedoms guaranteed by many nations' Constitutions. If you want someone who will stand up for the voice of the people, and have the backing of the peopel to do it. If you want a change in the way LJ has been run for the last 2 or 3 years. I've been on LJ since May 2003. I know what's going on, and I have a large network of friends. I also firmly believe in individual rights and freedoms, especially the freedom of expression.
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imc's manifesto

Good morning, LiveJournal! I am Ian and I would like you to consider voting for me in the Advisory Board election.

I have been on LiveJournal since June 2003 (the account itself was created for me and has already passed its fifth birthday). I started paying for my account a while later and then bought a permanent account in the 2005 sale. I use LiveJournal almost exclusively among "social networking" sites (I have to admit I like some of the games on Facebook, but I don't use that for anything else). The majority of posts in my journal are public; I generally only switch to friends-only posting where it mentions specific named people or I'm ranting about my work (or, for a short period of last year, my personal life). I always try to write in proper English (and proper HTML!). I pretty much know my way around the site and was a support volunteer for a while; I've also reported bugs in the site and on maybe a couple of occasions helped to fix the code. I try to keep up with changes and new features by following lj_releases and a couple of the more technical LiveJournal-related communities. You may also have seen me commenting in suggestions. I know the difference between a moderator and a maintainer of a community. As a 39-year-old male from outside the USA I represent a significant minority among LiveJournal users.

I love the site and take a broadly pro-LiveJournal stance. However, I've not been afraid to speak out against LiveJournal when I disagree with their policies. Some of my views about LiveJournal can be found in my journal and in an early post in lj_policy (and the follow-up to that comment).

As a Board member I would like to try to keep LiveJournal on an even keel and rein in some of the excesses that its management tries to pull off from time to time. I would advise the bringing back of Basic Accounts in some form and a reduction in the volume of adverts on certain parts of the site that serve to attract new users to the site. I would like to get to the bottom of the interest search filter and, although I will almost certainly be forced to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement which will prevent me from relaying any information to the userbase at large, I would like to try to formulate a way of explaining what's going on in such a way that it doesn't trip up on whatever is restricting LiveJournal staff from explaining it properly in the first place.

Edit: If you want to ask me anything about my platform there is a post in my journal on which you are free to comment.

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trin! trin! She's our man. If she can't do it...

...well, then she'll ask someone else to do it instead.

Yes, I'm trin. Yes, I'm mad. Yes, I'm putting me up for election because ha! Why ever not.

So, what's my manifesto?

Well freedom of speech is obviously important, but I'd really like to be able to ban complete and utter idiocy, if that's all right? I mean, there's already enough idiots in the world, why the heck should we have to put up with them infiltrating our dearly beloved LiveJournal? We shouldn't. Ah, but then that'd fall foul of the whole free speech thing, wouldn't it. Well in that case, I'd advise opening things up to public hilarity debate, and taking note not of what the most vocal say, but of what the most sensible say.

What else then? Well what else would you like? Nooo, I'm never gonna try to bag you more user pics, so don't even bother asking for that one. Well, pretty much my big thing is that stuff on here needs to be coming from where it counts - in other words, the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of the user base need to be listened to, and not just glossed over to keep the glitter girlz happy. Other than that? Well I don't think we need ten million official communities to have to follow to be able to keep abreast of the stuff going on in here, but I do think we need more people over in Support. I also think that finding the FAQ should be a whole lot easier than it is, with obvious links on every LJ page you care to visit (yes, even on your own page, where it should be listed along with your user name, calendar, and the other stuff like that. There's also the whole decent writing and grammar stuff - as in, everyone should be encouraged to write properly, with none of this 1337 poop, and they should also be encouraged to use good html skills so we can rid the world of things like the dreaded blink tag forever!

Who am I?

Haha! If I tell you that, then I'll have to kill you. All in the spirit of hyperbole, of course.

I am, essentially, a boring housewifey type at the moment, but a boring housewifey type with a penchant for stirring up poo by asking questions that people tend to not want asking, and for stating the obvious when no-one wants it stated. As a result of this trait, I've been called "something an anthill kicker", and defined as "as prickly as a gauze sack full of hyper-active hedgehogs," "the fire in which definitions are either melted or refined," and have an actual dictionary definition of:

Trin: proper noun.
       1. The exception which proves the rule.
       2. The one in the corner laughing manically and drinking mead.
Trin: verb.
      1. To make things rise: tempers, debates, occasions, bread etc."
- exceprted from a copy of the Intergalactic English Dictionary which fell through a time-warp in Tom Baker's coat pocket.
I have a few communities under my belt (hence why I'm so fat), and I absolutely prefer hands-off moderation, based on the theory that idiots will show themselves up as that anyway, and so will just get hounded off instead.

I grew up on Usenet, and I've been on LJ for almost forever, or at least since the turn of the century, and have pretty much my whole life that isn't the boringy houseworky stuff on here. I love LJ with a passion. Oh yeah, and I also believe very strongly that

Using a cut-tag is LOVE
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Why am I doing this?

Well like I've said, I need to give my fans someone to vote for, there's also the expenses paid holidays to wherever it was that the meetings are going to take place in, there's also the whole fame and misfortune of it all, not least that it's finally be an opportunity to worship at brad's feet. I'm also doing it 'cause why should I miss out on the chance of a miracle occurring for me in my life?


LiveJournal Advisory Board Elections

I support 7rin to be my representative on the Advisory Board.

Support trin at lj_election_en.

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Vote for me because I'm honest, and I'm fun to have around (sometimes), and I think these votes should based on more than how many people we've all got on our friends lists.

ETA: Oh yeah, and just so's the fandom lot know, I wrote my own Buffy fic, twice upon a time, long long ago, and it was very very sad.
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Hello, wonderful citizens of LiveJournal

I henceforth nominate myself, weezel365Shaun "The WeezeL" Burnett to the LiveJournal Advisory Board Elections!

Now, I know that you already know that it doesn't matter how many friends I have (over a hundred) or how many communities I'm a part of (a modest 16), you want to know what I can do for you.
A lot! You think Obama's ears or Hilary's ass is big? You should see my LJ resume! Since 2002, I have been consistently one of the most entertaining people on LiveJournal, whether it be 80's Toy Updates, my personally conducted In-No-Way-Real Interviews, or my WeezeL Brand Movie Reviews, the most recent of which was this past weekend's Iron Man which got an excellent review. Besides those, I go out of my way to make personalized Christmas and Valentine cards for people on my Friend's List that ask for them.
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Nominating Myself

While I don't think I have much of a chance at this I am going to throw my hat into the nomination ring here. I have been a member of LJ since Early 2002, but that has little to do with why I think I would be a good fit to the board.

The main reason I want to be on the board is so I can have a voice for all of the sites that use the livejournal GPL source code to run their own sites. Right now we don't have much of a voice nor do we have any input into the direction the code has taken.

I run what is now the largest and busiest site that runs the LiveJournal codebase, I have been using the code longer than I have had this journal. InsaneJournal has been open since October, 2001. I have also help support a number of other LJ "Clones" with various issues they have had.

Since LiveJournal was founded on the base of Open Source Software, and since the code is licensed under the GPL, I really think that all sites that run this code truly do need a voice and I personally think that I am the voice they need.

It appears that I already have the 100 comments necessary for nomination, but please keep commenting your support (only once per user please). That way even if I don't with the general electtion, at least LJ will see that it's users also want support for sites outside of LJ that use it's codebase. And that the FOSS (Free Open Source Software) movement is still alive and well!

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Me - Headshot

Why I should be YOUR representative to the LJ Advisory Board

Why on earth should anyone nominate or vote for me?

The direction that Live Journal is taking in near and long term should be influenced directly and clearly by the members of the massive on-line community that it is. This nomination and election process is an opportunity to give the members a voice in that direction. The thoughtfulness that we take in guiding that process is up to you. This advisory board could be very useful or it could be completely lame. At this point the only way to know is to try to be elected to the position.

My Platform:
If nominated and subsequently elected, I will work to keep the new owners of LJ and Six Apart from ruining the community that LJ has become.

I'll try to suggest ways to improve the friending system so that dead accounts or abusive accounts can be removed from your friends list.

I'll suggest improvements in which moderators can manage their communities better including ways to edit or hide posts.

I'll suggest improvements to Live Journal Gallery system which has so much potential and has been neglected as a mere afterthought.

Most people who have seen me actively involved or managing very communities will agree that I've been a mellow and very responsible moderator or member.
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(no subject)

My name is Miss Selena DeYawna Powelson. I would like to nominate myself this year since I have been an active member of LJ for several years. I have used it as an outlet to deal with chronic pain and I'm a 22 year old Hodgkin's Disease Lymphoma survivor. I strongly believe in this website since it has been an outlet for several users to post about every type of pain through photographs and words. I would also like to increase the peace with new and old friends.

♥ ♥ ♥
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My name is Sura and I am 21 years old, and I am nominating myself for LJ advisory.

I have been on LiveJournal for five years now, ever since the tender age of sixteen. I write in my journal every day and encourage my friends to join the site as well. I have run several communities on the site and have been involved in a large number of groups during my time here. LiveJournal is particularly dear to me because I met my boyfriend here, and after a year of being apart, we're moving in together in two months. I would never have met him if not for this website.

I'm an anthropologist, and I did my senior thesis on fan culture on LiveJournal. I am someone who really understands the users and what they want, and if elected, I will be available to talk to at any time. I understand both the positions of LiveJournal as a business and the positions of the users. I promise that if I am elected I will represent all the users and all of their wishes to the best of my ability. As an anthropologist, I have the skills to do just that.

If this all doesn't grab you, I have a great body and fantastic breasts.
Megan side-eyes all the things

Advisory Board Self-Nomination

I'll try and keep this short. I'm Seph, and I'm nominating myself for this election because I feel that LJ, while a powerful and effective business, needs to have closer contact with its userbase in order to continue being more than just a business, but a vibrant and varied community. I think I'd be good at it because I have connections with many of the groups that have had arguments with LJ/Six Apart in the past - various fandoms, for example - without being so embroiled in these communities that I cannot take a step back and examine issues objectively.

I have had this journal since August 2005 and currently have a friends list of 182 people, 54 communities and 22 RSS feeds, all of which I read on a daily basis. I moderate doctorwho and classic_film, both the biggest communities dedicated to their subjects on LJ, as well as the smaller communities uk_steampunk and classicfilmicon. In addition to this I was once an ljsecret mod, which is one of the biggest communities on LJ - when I was working there we had in excess of 10k members.

I would love to be a part of the LJ Advisory Board because I want to help. I want to be a part of the running of this community that has meant so much to me, and I want to be in a position where I can really help LJ to understand its users and see their points of view, as opposed to trying to do what they think s best without any interaction with us.

If any of this sounds like A Good Idea to you, please comment to this post with "I support this nomination". Thanks in advance,

Tango, Wild, Wildburst Orange

The First Step...

My name is Jesse Stringer, though to many I am better known as rebelsheart. I hereby nominate myself for consideration as a member of the LiveJournal Advisory Board.

I have worked in customer service and technical support positions since 1998. I have spent five years working in a theme park (four as a supervisor) and five more as some form of phone-based customer service and technical support agent (Dish Network, Marriott HR Systems, and USMC HR Systems). As of July, I will have also been a LiveJournal Support volunteer for two years, working in all public categories and with the Schools Team. I have been a LiveJournal user since April 2002, operating under the names vt_komainu and wild_rhythm.

As a LiveJournal Support volunteer, I’ve seen first hand the feedback from users who’ve encountered unwanted or unexpected changes to how LiveJournal works. Along with the other volunteers, I’ve helped users find solutions to their problems by helping them find the right FAQ, offering a helping hand through a complicated or confusing workaround, and encouraging them to develop suggestions for improving LiveJournal. I’ve even submitted a few of my own suggestions to LiveJournal, such as the option to make your birthday visible to your friends only and suggesting the creation of a Military Services Directory.

I’m used to working with large numbers of people. I maintain the marylandfurs community, along with several other low-volume communities. I’m a moderator for a 250+ member regional mailing list for furs as well. I’m also staff for two different furry conventions, Anthrocon and Midwest Furfest, which are approaching three thousand and two thousand attendees respectively. I have worked positions ranging from Cash Control through Cashier to Hotel Liaison. I’ve also helped organize smaller, local events with attendance between twenty and a hundred. With these experiences, I have become familiar with the conflicting opinions any reasonably large group of people can develop and have worked to help reduce the friction between subgroups wherever possible.

I fully believe that all these things make me capable of not only representing the interests of LiveJournal users, but presenting the interests and concerns of LiveJournal’s user base to the rest of the board. Thank you for taking the time to read this message. If you have questions about my opinions on any particular subject, feel free to ask me in this entry in my journal. I appreciate the feedback and questions because they tell me what people are thinking about.

(no subject)

I don't come to this with anything except enthusiasm, the willingness to learn more about the issues affecting the LJ community, the desire to support the members who spend their time and energy in following their passions and the time needed in order to commit to the duties involved in the position.

I don't know a lot about legal issues, hardware networking, or spambots, but I do know that for me, LJ is sort of a home away from home, someplace I go to that is fun and informative and friendly. At the risk of offending fans of other sites, this isn't MySpace, and I like it that way. The more LJ evolves, the better it gets and I'd like to be a part of that.

So, I nominate myself.

Vote For Me!

I'd like to be on the LiveJournal Advisory Board. I have been on LJ for the past 5 years, and it is important to me. I have found that LJ is a unique forum for expression and interaction, and I know others feel the same way.

If elected, I would bring many years of business and social experience to the table. While there is no professional qualification for such a position, I have an extensive background in media and public relations, plus a degree in International Relations. Additionally, I manage an Internet Service Provider/ Hosting Company so I have a better than average understanding of Teh Interwebs. I value free speech, and will work to protect your right to publish any legal material.

LJ is uniquely international in scope and character, and if elected I will do my utmost to ensure that no nation's laws or culture are used to impose values on those of other countries and cultures.

I would appreciate the opportunity to serve on the Advisory Board, and ask that you vote for me.

Ici on parle français. Hier wird Deutsch gesprochen.

election day (

Hello, my name is Timothy J. Lambert, and I nominate myself for your consideration as a member of LiveJournal's Advisory Board.

I started using LiveJournal in 2004 and obtained a permanent account when they last became available. As a writer, I enjoy LiveJournal as an outlet for creative expression, as well as the perfect way to interact with people without having to leave the house. Plus, it's great for posting goofy pictures of my dog and running mate, Rexford G. Lambert.

I've co-authored seven novels, and have co-edited two anthologies. I'm well versed in collaboration and what it means to be a good collaborator. Creativity, content, and freedom of expression are very important topics to me. Not to mention copyright protection. Also, as a gay man, inclusiveness is very important to me and, as an advisory board member, I would make it a point to remember that LiveJournal has users from every walk of life and remind SUP of that fact whenever necessary. As a full-time writer who hates to leave the house and doesn't have "a real job," I have a lot of time on my hands, which would allow me lots of opportunity to interact with you and other members of the community as your advisory board member.

Creativity, content, inclusiveness, and goofy dog pictures. If these issues are important to you, I'm your man.

Thank you for your consideration.

My name is Rexford G. Lambert, and I approve this message.

No more wire hangers

Rock'n the boat since 1977.

Who do you want to represent you? A bunch of fancy pants, grammer Nazi, twinkies, that just want to be heros? No. You want the best, and by "best" I mean me.

No further questions.
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Hello! my nomination :)

Hello, I decided to nominate myself: deliolith 

so...what to say? I started my journal in 2003 and I’m happy I chose to do so because it enriched my life in many ways and it let me keep in touch with friends who live far away. I strongly believe in LJ, it’s become a point of reference in my life… however, being a user, I’m aware of what issues, doubts and “frustrations” users may experience. I’m for freedom of speech (within the law of course) and I want LJ to keep being the place it is, friendly, full of creativity and information, made for the users…by the users. 
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doctor who switch rivers

Twirly McSwirl- For the People

Greetings, fellow LJ-ians. I am a 22 year old college senior/archaeologist from Florida. Like everyone else here, I am throwing in my hat for a seat on the LiveJournal Advisory Board. When it first was announced that this position would be created, I knew it was the perfect outlet for me to be the "change I want to see in the world." Or, at least, in LiveJournal.

I have been an active LiveJournal user since November 10, 2002, originally as clarinutter. I changed to this journal shortly after starting college, and it has been a paid account since. I have posted actively almost continuously over the past 5.5 years, created, moderated, or maintained numerous large communities, followed most LiveJournal official communities regularly to keep abreast of the site, and even served a stint volunteering with LiveJournal Support. (While I thoroughly enjoyed the user assistance aspect, I don't pretend to be as technologically knowledgeable as many of the other volunteers, hence why I am no longer active there.)

What can I bring to the board? Unbridled enthusiasm and opinions out my ears. I fully believe not in doing the most good for the most people, but the least bad for the fewest people- as nothing can be worse than alienating users who don't fit into the target demographic. I am also pre-law with a focus on copyright law, so I can bring at least scholastic knowledge, if not practical experience, to that arena.

The most important thing I bring, however, is passion. I have a true and fiery passion for the community LiveJournal has created, and undying determination to preserve it. For some, it's just an online site. But to the users who make LiveJournal what it is, it is our cyber-home. Not the lack of reality, but a very real addition to it. I have formed real, lasting friendships with people I have met on this site. It's not just a diversion, and it shouldn't be treated that way. We all have so much invested in this site- emotion, experience, content- and it all deserves to be protected.

If elected, I swear to you that my voice will never falter in the will to do just that.

Hey! I say a lot more here! Read me!