nay (little_nay) wrote in lj_election_en,

Why you might love me :)

Let's see if I can put my best foot forward for this position.


I'm running for this position even though I usually never have the guts to volunteer for this kind of stuff. For whatever stupid reason, I never quite take the plunge. This time around though I am making the effort, because I think it's something I would be damn good at, and it's really worth it.

So, why me?

Some historical perspective - I've been using the Internet for the last 11 years. During that time I've participated in so many communities, in so many different arenas. I've been on ICQ and IRC, Bmezine and LiveJournal, I was part of the teen personal website craze of the late '90s, I've got my own domain, I came of age in Geocities chat, I'm a Twit, I'm on Facebook and MySpace and Gmail (of course), LinkedIn and Flickr, hell, I'm all over the place. I'm addicted to the Internet and all that it has to offer, even though I know it's not perfect. I know my stuff, I know our history, and I've seen what can happen to communities over time. LJ's in a state of flux, and it'd be good to get someone like me on board to give some perspective on the issues facing us, as a community, as users, as producers.

But wait, there's more!

I'm so hooked on these online communities and everything the Internet has to offer, I surround myself with it however I can. I'm working in web design and consulting as a Business Analyst, and I'm doing a PhD in online identity and Web 2.0. My job means I have a clue about what companies are looking for from the Internet, and I also know how to communicate with them in a way they understand. If we users are going to have a voice in this whole LJ thing, we need to understand the corporate issues at hand so that we can intelligently and persuasively put our case. My study means that I have evidence to back us up - I am researching how people have constructed identity online, and how important it is to have spaces for us to have our say. This will also help us in supporting our arguments for having rights as users.

So, to sum up.

I've been rickrolled and can speak fluent lolcat, I wear Thinkgeek tshirts, play WoW (sporadically - it's dangerous when trying to study as well!), hell, you name it, and if it's related to the Internet in some way, I've probably done it. So if you want someone who's been around long enough to know more than just how many friends she has on MySpace, and someone who is both an avid LJ user (been here since 2003 I think) and a professional Internet addict, who can represent us not just with zomgs and lols but with a dab of intelligence and professionalism, hey, please, support my nomination.
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