June 15th, 2009

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Nomination post for LJ Advisory Board

This is my statement that I am nominating myself as a candidate for the Advisory Board elections.

I have been a member of LiveJournal since 2001. I embrace our diverse community and would be an excellent team member for the Advisory Board. My friends on LiveJournal will assist in community outreach and advise on other aspects of LiveJournal which will assist in my duties as user representative. Communication with the LiveJournal community will remain open throughout the campaign. If elected, this promise will continue (unlike our previous representative). My team and I will listen to all questions and concerns. These will be brought to the attention of the Advisory Board regularly. I will attend all of the required Advisory Board meetings and exceed expectations so that we will all have a voice for our future.

If nominated, I will run. If elected, I will serve.
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2009 Nominations are open

Nominations are now open. For more information, please see the profile for this community.

Nomination posts

If you would like to nominate yourself to become a candidate for the 2009 Advisory Board election, you should make a post in this community, including the following information:

  • Clearly state that you are nominating yourself as a candidate for the Advisory Board elections.

  • Include a statement about why you think you would make a good representative or why you’d like to serve.

  • Use an lj-cut if the post is more than two paragraphs.

  • Set Comment Screening to All Comments.

  • Optionally, you may also include a link to an entry in your journal or a community that further states your position or platform, or that answers the following questions:

    1. What do you think is the value of LiveJournal?

    2. What changes would you like to see LiveJournal make in the next year?

    3. Why do you want to be the elected representative?

    4. What do you think are the community’s greatest concerns?

    5. What skills, qualifications, or unique perspective do you think you would bring to this position?

Supporting a Nominee

To support a nominee’s candidacy, you should comment to their nomination entry stating "I support this nomination" or something substantially similar. You may support multiple candidates’ nominations. Nominees need 300 motions of support in order to be invited to be a candidate in the election. Candidates are asked to assist by only unscreening those comments that express this motion of support, and election moderators will help with that process.

(no subject)

I am nominating myself for the 2009 Advisory Board.

I would be a good candidate because I am a nice person, I care about people and their opinion, I am highly knowledgeable about all kinds of technical and legal issues, and I'm an average geeky guy who would actually represent most of the people on LJ. I have no team of zombie followers because I don't need one.

Livejournal is a wonderfully vibrant set of communities and a great way for people to meet, organize, interact, and learn from each other. The platform and policies that operate LJ should always strive to enhance and improve these features primarily. All policies that interfere with the free flow of social interaction should be minimized.
self, Scott, Alail


I wish to nominate myself for election to the LJ Advisory Board.

I have been a member of LJ since 2000 and have been active on the Internet in various user fora and on newsgroups since 1989.  Prior to that, I was actively involved in the University of Alaska's computer network user mentoring groups and clubs. 

I have a diverse background, including technical editing, paralegal work, project management, terms as an officer in various non-profit groups, and work as an event coordinator.  I care about a responsive social community on LiveJournal, and support the growth of social media as a wonderful way to bring people from different parts of the globe who share common interests together.  I believe that communication, not just entertainment, is the heart of social media; what promotes free, thoughtful and respectful communication is good.

Thank you for your attention to this post.  Please consider me as a candidate you will support for the LJ Advisory Board.
『regina spektor』tea

support rosicrucian

My name is Felicia (rosicrucian) and I'm nominating myself as a candidate for the LiveJournal Advisory Board.

This is my second year running for the LJAB position and my position on what I want to bring this community has virtually been left unchanged since giving my statement of the last year. I want to focus and making this site accessable and intuitive for as many users as I possibly can while fostering friendly relations with groups that have felt betrayed by LiveJournal in recent times. I also want to make a visible effort to communicate with the userbase in the way that the previously elected representative failed to do, which coincides with the latter part of the previous statement. Ontop of officially speaking with the userbase, I will also make sure to keep a public entry on my LiveJournal in order to answer any and all questions asked of me.

As for myself, I've been using LiveJournal for about nine years now. My background here is steeped in fandom and the users who enjoy it, but I also have enough experience with other areas of LiveJournal to feel like I'm a well-rounded user. I'm also extremely passionate and devoted to any cause that earns my support, as evidence by my background of charity work both online and offline. I'm also a natural skeptic and critically anaylze anything before I make any sort of judgements, and I oftentimes discuss the nature of things with my friends of various backgrounds (lawyers to scientists to philosophers) to get different opinions. I am highly trusted at my job, and I want to earn the same trust from the users here.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask about me, feel free to head over to this entry and do so! I look forward to hearing from you.
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I, vichan, am putting my name forth as a potential candidate for the 2009 LiveJournal Advisory Board. I have been a member of LiveJournal since 2003. I am running for the position because I completely understand and accept that LJ has a very diverse collection of members who all use LJ for a variety of purposes. I'm very patient and laid back, but I know when and where to stand my ground. I believe in open and honest communication from both myself and the LJ staff. I have previous experience sitting on planning committees and boards, and I am currently serving my 3rd year as a member of a planning committee for the OMD Summer Institute Young Adult program.

If elected, I will listen to concerns and questions from all users who choose to communicate with me. I will also make an effort to reach out to other nominees for the position to hear their prime concerns since they cared enough about LJ to run in the first place. I also ran last year, witnessed hell breaking loose, and I still care enough to run again. I will be upfront and let everyone know that I am a part of fandom, but you should not consider me (or any other nominee) as a "fandom candidate." The election is about more than just fandom; it's also about poets, musicians, sports fans, students suffering through school, people who are only here for the lulz, people struggling with an illness, people who post nothing but photos of their hamsters, and so much more.

We're all here, and LiveJournal wouldn't exist without all of us.

Longer, more detailed "platform" can be found here. Questions and comments should be directed there.

More support for the nomination is welcome; just make sure you vote, too!

Insert Self-Nomination Here

Hello, my name is palmer_kun and I'd like your support as I run for the LJ Advisory Board.

I am a very ordinary, albeit geeky, person. I feel this is my greatest strength, and the most important thing I would bring to the advisory board. I am not deeply involved or otherwise beholden to any particular subculture or special interest, such as religion, fandom, politics, RP or the like. I just sit back and take everything evenly.

While I am not involved in special interests, I am friendly and accepting of them, and believe that without all groups, LJ would be pretty much worthless. I am opposed to heavy handed management and censorship, which have irreparably damaged LJ in the past. While I fully support the Dreamwidth Project and it's goals, it makes me sad that it ever had to exist, as the need for it is a symptom of what is becoming wrong with LJ. Despite these problems, I still stand behind LJ and want the best for our online home.

This post is constantly growing. As I am asked and answer significant questions, I shall add those Q&A below to my "Statements of Policy and Position" section. Please be sure to check back.

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Please Support morningapproach

I wish to nominate myself, Stefanie (morningapproach )  as a potential candidate for the LJ Advisory Board English-speaking User Representative. I am an honest and trustworthy individual who is dedicated to the successful community that comprises the LJ population. I think that we deserve a representative who is unbiased, dedicated, and has demonstrated themselves to be a caring citizen of the realm of LJ.  I know that I am going to be up for tough competition if I am nominated, but I am confident that I will be able to at least represent my own opinions about LJ and how I feel changes should be made on behalf of the users.

I am ready to be accountable to the entire population of LJ, regardless of fandom, political alignments, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or spoken language. I pledge that if I am nominated and subsequently elected I will make all efforts to communicate with all non-cyrillic speaking users, regardless of language, and to bring the issues that they have to the attention of the committee.

I hope that you will consider nominating me for the position. I think that LJ is one of the true lasting and thriving online communities on the internet, and a service that provides knowledge, information, and closes the gap between cultures and countries. I wish to do everything that I can to ensure that the quality of service that we have come to expect over the past 10 years will continue and that we will continue to thrive.

For more information about the details of my platform, please see this post in my LJ.  Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

(no subject)

I hereby use this entry to inform the LJ world that I am nominating myself for user representatives to the Advisory Board. I am a fair person who feels everything should be handled fairly for all parties involved. While I freely admit this might not be possible, I do feel a compromise which benefits everyone can be reached. I have been told that I'm a very good listener and I am willing to put that to test if elected. This is a big responsibility, but I'm more than ready to prove my worth to the LJ users.

I believe LJ's value to be a website where anyone on the internet can post about their daily lives, meeting new friends no matter how far the distance, where users can share and develop ideas into great communities, and learn how to have respect and to care for each other. I like to think that everyone who's a LJ user has gained more than one new friend here. Whether it be from similar interests in TV shows, musicians, movies, or whatever, we've each discovered at least one new friend from LJ. LJ is a place where a person can connect with many different people while learning new things about themselves.

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My nomination

I am nominating myself as a candidate for the Livejournal Advisory Board. I would like livejournal to be an open community where people are free to create whatever they desire. Where tools help them to find and interact with likeminded, interesting people. Where people can discover, discuss and debate the issues of the day. A place people can have control over their content and where troublemakers can be warned, isolated and ultimately removed. I would like it to be easy to use. I want users to feel they are part of the site and have a real say in the future.

I love Livejournal and have been on here since 2001. I met my fiancée on this site. I use my journal as a place to express private thoughts, to write stories, interact with friends, meet new people and discuss the world.

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