Jamsey (loyalwolf108) wrote in lj_election_en,


I would like to nominate myself for the new advisory committee.

I think that with my long standing use of Livejournal, almost 7 years, I have a unique breadth of the issues that Livejournal has faced and the changes it has taken on over the years.

I have seen Livejournal start as a small journaling service based in Seattle, WA and become the huge user base which is based very internationally. I've survived server slow downs, changes in management and ownership, as well as seen the the more recent changes within the community.

I'm on the Livejournal service several times a day and am an active member of the community, mainly through commenting.

I think that Livejournal has changed a lot of its direction in recent times and I feel like with my knowledge of the user base as it's changed and my own opinions on the ways in which Livejournal has begun to maneuver in regards to its users, I can be a powerful asset to the Livejournal community through the Advisory Board.
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