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My manifesto

*Freedom. People need to be free to create content as they desire as long as it adheres to law. This freedom needs to be balanced with the ability to protect children. I am not against a system of journal flagging to achieve this but believe it needs to be improved and clearly blanket bans on searches don't work.

*Openness. I want livejournal to be more open with it user base. I would like a period of consultation before any changes are introduced. Especially those to do with account levels.

*Fairness. The way that livejournal deals with people needs to be governed by fair rules that properly adhered to. Suspensions need to be appropriately handled and there needs to be a system of arbitration so people can complain about abuse reports.

*Monetisation. I believe that as business livejournal needs advertising revenue to grow. However I also believe that advertising needs to be properly managed. This means ensuring it is appropriately targetted and not overly intrusive.
In general the gap between advertising and direct marketing is becoming blurred and this is an issue I foresee livejournal having to face. For example Facebook and Google use information gleaned from people's profiles and emails to target advertising.

*Privacy. I appreciate that some people are keen on friend’s discovery tools. But there are many people who don't like the idea of real life colliding with livejournal and I believe this most be respected. There are clear issues in relation to monetisation, but a clear set of guidelines should help to resolve this.

*Delivery. Livejournal has had too many features that seem poorly developed or documented. For example Scrapbook, To Do lists, Birthday reminders, complex style systems.
I would like to see projects goals documented and discussed, timescales for completion and progress reports, documentation being part of the process and proper beta testing and feedback.

*Growth. I would like livejournal to pursue goals that encourage new members to try the service and encourages users to keep coming back. The site needs to be better marketed as the growth of the site has slowed.

I am in the mainstream. I do not want to write slash fiction, nor do I wish to seek slash fiction writers marginalised or forced elsewhere. I am not adverse to adverts in principle and believe they might benefit the site. I understand livejournal is a business and as long as it provides a service I am happy to pay. I am not against every change or even most of them, but believe they need to be properly handled.

On a personal level I love Livejournal and have been on here since 2001. I met my fiancée on this site. I use my journal as a place to express private thoughts, to write stories, interact with friends and discuss issues of the day.

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