tragic_and_hip (tragic_and_hip) wrote in lj_election_en,

My dear Ljer's.

Vote for me.

I've been active on Lj for about six years now (see:khaosmoon) I started in college. Here are some reasons why I should be elected.

-Lj needs risk takers. I am a huge risk takers. I moved to South Korea from my comfy suburban existance virually on a whim last October and am loving it, even though there was potential for huge disaster.

-I'm the face of diversity. I'm a out and proud homosexual, with a strong stance against using the word "faggot" and other hate speech words that are sometimes freely tossed around in communities (you want to use it in your own journal go for it, not cool in communities).

-I have a good sense of hilarity and can take a joke as good as I can dish one out.

-I have celebrity endorsements! elysesewell and I are good friends and often cavort around Seoul causing mayhem, when she's in town. (Well I would have her endorsement if I bothered to tell her about running and not just up and decided to on a whim at three in the 2:00 in the morning...I'll get around too it)

-I've been active in several communities. and held office in a number of clubs in college, including my fraternity Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, as well as my colleges Gay Straight Alliance (co-founder and first President).

thats all I got!

I also promise gold, fortune, superpowers and a one night stand with the historical character (dead or alive!) of your choosing, upon my election.

Vote for me.

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