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Not the same old nomination. Instead, a new old nomination!

I'm John fuzzface00 McMahon, and I would like to represent you on the LJ Advisory Board.

Who Am I

  • LJ user since October 2003. I've got accounts other places (that I rarely use), but LJ is my home
  • Happy (ok... mostly happy) owner of a permanent account. I speak S2
  • On the Internet since 1989. On associated networks (BITNET, SPAN) since 1985. I've run social and business servers going back to the days of the BITNET RELAYs. I've done Network Engineering for a Tier 1 ISP and a few Government Agencies. I've done front-line tech support. This Internet/Technology thing is not new for me. I have to admit, however, I am always learning new things thanks to LJ
  • My day job is providing installation services for a Network Appliance company
  • I've probably been on staff for more conventions and gatherings than most folks. I am used to representing the so-called "middle" and the so-called "fringe". I think it can be an exciting (frightening?) challenge to represent everyone
  • Similarly, I've been a officer in professional and social organizations before, so I CAN HAZ REEL LEEDER EXPERIENCE!
  • I am, in brief, an experienced professional networking geek who gives a damn about LJ. I want it to grow both in the cultural sense, and the business sense
I'm not going to waste your time with a huge biography. If you would like to know more about me, feel free to check out my journal, my profile or drop me a message

My Platform

  • For LJ to continue to be a wonderful spot on the web, it needs to continue growing
    • Make existing features easier to use. In some cases, all we need is better documentation. In others we need to take it apart and build it back up. LJ is great, but remember how hard it was to jump in at first? We need to make it more inviting for new users
    • Rework account feature levels where the experience is "great" at every level. Sure, there is a need to support the underlying business, but it can be effective without getting in your face. Why is every big movie of this summer on Myspace (Tom is not my friend) but not LJ? There are untapped sources of revenue out there for sponsorship and advertising which LJ should exploit to support the business and make it better for users
    • Introduce features which would allow more cross-pollination and cross-content with other blogging and social systems. Encourage more sites to adopt OpenID and make our OpenID support better. Open up more so we can draw more diversity into LJ
    • Encourage mash-ups and (white hat) hacking through better open interfaces and Google-like "Summer of Code" initiatives
    • Learn from the experiences of the "other LJ code sites" and incorporate their knowledge to make the code better for all
    • Attract "big name" users from other systems to at least co-host their material on LJ, or switch to us outright
  • For LJ to continue to be a wonderful spot on the web, it needs to respect the existing users
    • Make "the rules" crystal clear (or as close as we can get)
    • Enforce "the rules" equally. Document automated processes (like the search system) that enforce the rules
    • Document all appropriate business processes so every user (and the LJ business) are on an even playing field
    • Maintain appropriate levels of security and privacy
    • Add outside arbitration as a final method of conflict resolution between account holders and the business side of LJ

In Conclusion

I have the experience to do this job. My platform is intended to support the users and the business of LJ because one cannot survive without the other. I am not afraid of the "business side" nor the "special interests" or the "super users". I'm a garden variety user, like most of us, and I want to bring that point of view to the table for me and for you.

To sum up, I would like the opportunity to represent you at a time when many are wary of "where LJ is going". If you like what I'm suggesting, then please consider supporting my nomination.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this!


Thank you all for your support during the nomination process. I will be submitting my Nomination Certification shortly. If you would like to know more about my platform, or you would like to suggest/discuss something concerning the Advisory Board position, please contact me via my "talk to the LJAB candidate" post, or feel free to send me an LJ message.

Thanks again!
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