John Mierau (johnmierau) wrote in lj_election_en,
John Mierau

I'd like your vote... here's why.

I'm a new father and a slow poster, but I'm not a new face: I joined LJ for the second time in 2006, after stints blogging with Movable Type, WordPress, Blogger... and that old favorite, notepad/HTML. On December 3rd 2007 I asked in a post: "So, who is this company that just bought LiveJournal?" when others hadn't even known the change was happening. Because I was afraid it meant the end for LJ, right after I returned to the it.

I'm not an easy joiner, because I hate when the communities I join turn into something I don't like, or just plain disappear. But there are enough familiar faces, promise and plain good stuff here in LiveJournal I took the plug. Now I want to help make sure this community I've joined 'keeps on keepin' on' just the way it has through three different ownerships and an epoch of internet evolution.

THe LJ Advisory Board memebership will help steer the big wheel of mixed interests that will determine what roads this community travels. I want on this board. Short and to the point: if you will help me, please vote for me by adding a comment to this entry.

Thank you very much for reading.

Bio: John Mierau is a husband, father, dog-walker and writer.

He is also a trainer, IT consultant and internet dweller puzzling how internet technologies change our perception of ourselves and broaden our definition of - and participation in - reality.

A bit too much a geek for his wife's comfort, John lean towards environmentalism, participatory democracy & simplifying life... but still buy disposable diapers, forget to vote sometimes and own way too much stuff.
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