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My name is Felicia (rosicrucian) and I'm nominating myself as a candidate for the LiveJournal Advisory Board.

This is my second year running for the LJAB position and my position on what I want to bring this community has virtually been left unchanged since giving my statement of the last year. I want to focus and making this site accessable and intuitive for as many users as I possibly can while fostering friendly relations with groups that have felt betrayed by LiveJournal in recent times. I also want to make a visible effort to communicate with the userbase in the way that the previously elected representative failed to do, which coincides with the latter part of the previous statement. Ontop of officially speaking with the userbase, I will also make sure to keep a public entry on my LiveJournal in order to answer any and all questions asked of me.

As for myself, I've been using LiveJournal for about nine years now. My background here is steeped in fandom and the users who enjoy it, but I also have enough experience with other areas of LiveJournal to feel like I'm a well-rounded user. I'm also extremely passionate and devoted to any cause that earns my support, as evidence by my background of charity work both online and offline. I'm also a natural skeptic and critically anaylze anything before I make any sort of judgements, and I oftentimes discuss the nature of things with my friends of various backgrounds (lawyers to scientists to philosophers) to get different opinions. I am highly trusted at my job, and I want to earn the same trust from the users here.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask about me, feel free to head over to this entry and do so! I look forward to hearing from you.
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