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Insert Self-Nomination Here

Hello, my name is palmer_kun and I'd like your support as I run for the LJ Advisory Board.

I am a very ordinary, albeit geeky, person. I feel this is my greatest strength, and the most important thing I would bring to the advisory board. I am not deeply involved or otherwise beholden to any particular subculture or special interest, such as religion, fandom, politics, RP or the like. I just sit back and take everything evenly.

While I am not involved in special interests, I am friendly and accepting of them, and believe that without all groups, LJ would be pretty much worthless. I am opposed to heavy handed management and censorship, which have irreparably damaged LJ in the past. While I fully support the Dreamwidth Project and it's goals, it makes me sad that it ever had to exist, as the need for it is a symptom of what is becoming wrong with LJ. Despite these problems, I still stand behind LJ and want the best for our online home.

This post is constantly growing. As I am asked and answer significant questions, I shall add those Q&A below to my "Statements of Policy and Position" section. Please be sure to check back.

My Campaign Pledge
I'm campaigning on the Rickroll Platform.

I'm never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Unlike some past candidates, I am not beholden to special interest groups, and will not avoid, ignore, delete, ban or otherwise let down and desert any segment of LJ membership.

Statements of Policy and Position - Q&A

anrakushi: Damn, though, if they stopped messing with the special interest groups I wouldn't mind this place so much.

palmer_kun: This is why I am neutral and outside the SIGs... they are a vital part of the community, but quite often they end up diametrically opposed to each other.

The yaoi fangirls hate the conservatives who hate the goths who hate the emos who hate themselves who hate the snarkers who hate the yaoi fangirls...

So I'm just sitting outside of all the epic wankery, with a firm belief that everyone is entitled to equal wank, snark and drama, be they members of fandom and otherwise.

- - -
raggedyman: What are you plans for communicating with the other members what you are doing as their representative and for allowing them a reasonable level of direct contact to you?

palmer_kun: Pretty much the opposite of what legomymalfoy did. I'm sorry, but that was just pure bitchassery on her part, and utterly unacceptable from anyone in any position, much less this one.

I welcome contact. My journal remains open, and I shall keep a post there for people to contact me by. My IM contact info is posted publicly on my profile, and anyone can contact me by those means as well. I will not screen, ignore or ban those who dissent with myself or my positions. I will still ban and delete trolls, but there's a vast difference between a troll and a dissenter. I will be free and open with information, as far as the NDA allows. That's one thing I can't get around, because I don't set those rules, LJ does.

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