Eyenot (eyenot) wrote in lj_election_en,

my self-nomination to the 2009 advisory board election

I am nominating myself as a candidate for the Advisory Board elections.

"I'd make a good representative because. . ." I'm interested in the job, first of all. There are a lot of people, no doubt, who are interested in holding the position or see it as a potential entitlement. Hopefully who we elect is somebody who wants the work, who will hold full responsibility and accountability for their influence on the board, and who will have no regrets for their advisements. This would have to be somebody who is absolutely sure that they are going to have a positive influence on LiveJournal and 'will do no harm'. That's fine; I would even say that it's easy. I'd like to offer out front that I'll be self-guided by simple Taoist principles: I will simply apply a balanced perspective and foresight; where I see LiveJournal going, I'll advise to get there. Everything LiveJournal needs is made foremost obvious by the users, and following that, by the staff and administration of its company. I'm willing to study LiveJournal for what it is, to find anything interesting, anything of note, and then to apply thought to solving any problems that might arise, from simply problems like "how to make more money", to more complex issues such as "how to intermediate between the users". Where the business stands, I'm only interested in seeing clearly what the business needs, and as for the user's desires, I'm only interested in seeing how they're served in a way that's most healthy for the immortalisation of the service.

LiveJournal is quite simply the most aptly-staffed, gratious, and best-served social networking and blogging site anywhere in the world's wide web; yet a minority of bloggers and networkers are aware of this. I'd like to see LiveJournal become not only notorious, but singular on the web as THE place to go for broadcasting and receiving ideas. I want to make sure that this happens, to the best of my abilities, and the only way to do that is to become as directly involved as possible in the body of governing its paths, all because I enjoy it THAT much and would be proud to see it come to fullest fruition. The community needs to know foremost that the decisions they are making -- to post or not to post -- are going to have some relevance in the foreseeable future; they need to know LiveJournal is going to be there for them. I can only offer --: as founding maintainer of the earlyadopters community (where those of us who have been here from the Time Before go to be found); as mistaken ex-maintainer of taoism (where I had to find myself, too, undesirable at the last); as successful maintainer of a few other successful communities and a slew of unsuccessful ones; and as a shameless human willing to set aside personal biases for the sake of a group potential and as a growing experience; -- that I will be ready to catalyse the best solution for the continuously astounding LiveJournal experience.

-- Gabriel Arthur Petrie ("eyenot" since 1992)
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