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You should read this and nominate me... because...

I've maintained several journals and communities on LJ, as a member of fandom, as a programmer and designer, and as a communications medium. It is more than that. It can be a professional tool, because of the simple layout that is changeable with a little work... It is quite simple to make a multimedia page for only $20 a year. I keep a paid account - This was my main but I have now changed to the other. So I see it as a living tool, full of real people who are quite into it, for whatever those reasons are. Censorship isn't good, so it's not up to LJ to figure out why people are into it, as long as they're not breaking the law. I have the experience, and have been around for all the changes, watched LJ grow, watched people walk out when LJ failed to meet their expectations, and am able to help project the future of LJ. One of the things that LJ has added recently that not many sites do, unless you're paying hundreds of dollars a year for a site that will get you blacklisted in search engines, is the adult category for journals, and the themes over 14 years of age. This is a major thing for fandom, and for general users who don't want to be censored, and yet it keeps LJ safe for legal purposes, and our children safe. Sure, we all know kids lie online, but at least it's an attempt, right? As far as changes, I'd just like to be involved in discussion, see what is brought up, put in the input of the everyday user, and even the users like me, who use it more than just a little. The communities here are fantastic - I've even replaced my eBay usage with a Japanese one here, and the potential for use is unlimited. I'd like to help enforce the adult marking - it is such a privelege to even have that ability, so I don't want it taken away due to people who aren't using it and still posting adult content. This is a bigge for me, since I am a single parent. So, please nominate me, because I am an icon maker, a programmer, a crazy hyper girl (though over 30) who owns her own company and is therefore always online, and who never sleeps, because sleep is overrated. AND CLICK THE PICTURES TO SEE ME IN ACTION! PLEASE?

Edit: I forgot to add that I have volunteered with the Nashville Union Mission, Habitat For Humanity, traveled to Mexico twice to build houses, am involved in international communities, won several student leadership awards in college, along with a couple of art awards, so I have been very active in many ways, not just online, and can offer a truly unique perspective. My son is homeschooled, and learning Japanese as one of his classes, along with the culture. So I'm a well-rounded person who has traveled all over the United States and other parts of the world, and will not play favorites. I know most people hear 'fangirl' and that's an immediate cringe, but I poke fun at myself in fandom, and list it only because it does speak to my qualifications - I sell art in the mangaka and doujinshika styles, as well as help my son learn things such as oekkake and kirigami.

You may contact me through the following means with any questions, as these accounts are signed in on my phone at all times:

AOL Instant Messenger: psychicespa
Yahoo: psychicespa
MSN Messenger:

Yet another edit! Yay for Geeks and Epic Fail~ Anyhow, all you have to do to nominate me is just put a comment of support to this post. And for the people running this, I am wondering if it was okay for some of my family to nominate me using the same ip address. If not, I shall delete their comments, but we share a computer. *shrugs* If I can't get 300 without those 3... then, yeah, I won't be making it to the final round.

Random Joke: If you would wear this t-shirt, and laugh at it, then you should definitely support me, as I am wearing it.
If China is C, Japan is Objective C, Korea is C++, and America is Java. Please ignore this joke if you are not a programmer or geek, but I wanted to share, because it is my favorite shirt.

Last Edit: Apparently I made a mistake in how things are supposed to be screened and unscreened - my apologies to those of you who have had comments removed, as I recieved a message from another nominee saying I was breaking the rules but not how, and that was the only thing I could figure out after re-reading the guidelines many times. I thought I was supposed to unscreen, but am only allowed to unscreen statements of support, so please feel free to comment to me via another communication method listed above, as I cannot unscreen random comments (despite MANY other posts doing so) since another member is complaining about it, and therefore cannot respond to them. Sorry about the mixup. And again, someone has complained about the lack of a cut, so now this has been reformatted where it is harder to read and not as user friendly, but I will post some more infor under another cut about me, so you can see me as a human being~ Love all of you who are helping out and the friendly attitudes, you're the reason this place is so great! Keep it up!

Pictures under this cut - I hope they load. Descriptions underneath!

This is me in Mexico after working all day, playing with my little 'sisters'.

This is proof of my computer skills - one of the 3D backgrounds for a game I made.

As I don't wish to flood this entry with photos, I did post a few from my hard drive, some of which are an amusing series in which my best friend is trying to make me post as Scully from X-Files. I'm willing to share this album just so you can see a little about me - some of the digital stuff, the photography, me as a person, my friends, my time working in Mexico... Because you should know more about who you are voting for. ^_^


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