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My Nomination Post

Who Am I? Name's daniidebrabant, who's wanted to change her LJ name since, oh, forever. Damn thing keeps sticking. That said, I've been here since Sept 2001, having started my LJ right along with my college experience and I've been here ever since through three and a half moves as well as quite a few other changes. You've probably never heard of me, but that's all right. At least, I think it's all right.

LJ and me? I live on this site. While I keep track of RL friends as much as the next person, I've also MET friends through this service and through these comms on the site. In fact, considering that my first 'roommate' was someone I met through an RP game on LJ, and that person got me out of a living situation I was very unhappy with, I can honestly say that LJ changed my life. Aside from her, I've made other friends through this service, people I've gone to see in person more than once, people I talk to the phone with, people I play and write and make art with: LJ is incredibly important to me and I want to be a positive part of shaping the LJ experience in the time to come, especially as I know that it might be difficult.

Why Do I Want to Do This? Because this site has done so much for me, because the membership of this site is so important to me, and because I hate sitting back and saying 'I don't like this' without doing something about it when I have the chance. Also because I think that I will contribute something valuable to the Advisory Board.

Something Valuable? My day job is working as a Member Services Representative at another social networking site. Suffice to say that that membership is sizeable, though the site itself isn't well known within most of LJ's markets main markets. The point of mentioning that, though, is that I have experience in shaping user experience from the company's point of view. I have sat through many many meetings dealing with monetization, cost issues, advertising vs. user experience discussions, 'what the members REALLY want' discussions; I've observed this process. Not only do I find the whole thing fascinating, but it's part of my job in the long run to translate what is most certainly not Earth Logic into something I can tell members while still providing good customer service. I've helped to be the voice of the membership in meetings before, told them what they're doing wrong so it can be fixed; on the other hand, I've also been the voice of the company to the membership. As a matter of fact, I've actually brought some of the LJ kerfuffles up at work and we discuss them strategically, look at what WE can do better by looking at what they've done.

Like I said above, I am first and foremost a member of THIS site, but I know some of what goes on behind the scenes in a company like LJ. And I think that this will be valuable both to LJ and to the membership. There's no better way to talk to someone than in their own language, and that goes for both sides.

That's nice, but is that it? Nope. I'm logical, practical, hard-working, passionate (especially about LJ), and generally pretty darn friendly. I'm a member of fandom and non-fandom comms, run some fandom and non-fandom comms, role play, write (original and fanfiction), icon, do CG and traditional media art, and keep up with my personal journal pretty regularly. I'm available nearly all of the time through LJ or IM or email, I like to think I'm approachable, and as I'm a people pleaser, born and bred, I will do my very best to be there for comments, questions, or anything else. Also, re: some of the stuff mentioned above, I have a very thick skin and an even temper when it comes to this kind of thing, so I'm not afraid of any of the flack that might come my way from any direction (or any of the terrifying things one might find on the internet!) nor will I lose my cool when things get rough.

You done yammering? Uh, I'm a New York-born, New Jersey-living Capricorn in her mid twenties who loves tea, sushi, knitting, Early modern drama, and a host of other things. I have no pets, but I live with a dog and three cats, as well as their owner.

ETA: THANK YOU EVERYONE who supported me, those I know and those I don't. I am floored and overjoyed to have gotten these nomination supports. That said, for those that did and those that didn't(^_^), here is where you can ask me questions, express concerns, etc. etc. etc.
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