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My Nomination Post

My name is Angela and I have been an active member of LiveJournal since March 16, 2003.

I believe that I could be the voice of LiveJournal users as a member of the Advisory Board.

I have been active in multiple interest groups and communities here at LiveJournal and I have shared and discussed with many members their ideas and opinions regarding goings-on at LiveJournal.

I have been the head of several LiveJournal communities where I did my best to please as many of my communities members as possible with the choices I made. I've worked with other users to run larger fan-based communities and I feel I worked very well both as a single leader and as a team member.

There is such a large age gap of members here that I think it is very important to take everyone's perspectives into consideration and aim to please as many of LiveJournal's customer-base as possible.

While we can't expect LiveJournal to make every single person happy all of the time, I would like it to be my job to find out how we can please more and more of the users here at LiveJournal than are currently content.

Therefore, I nominate myself as the next Advisory Board Member of LiveJournal. I'd appreciate your support! Please consider me as YOUR voice.
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