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Supporter of LJ Culture

Hey folks! I am maidenus, formerly known as maidenofspain.

I have been part of LJ since 2003, when I was still just a kid! I'm a huge technological geek, and love all forms of geekery... I began as a basic account, but as I was a poor kid at the time without the money to buy a rename token, I created this new journal.

I have been hugely involved in LJ for as long as I have been interested in technology (which is quite a while.... I am now going to be attending college in order to be a Computer Science and Engineering major, much thanks to LJ).

Soon after becoming heavily involved in LJ, I began to volunteer in LiveJournal's Support area. I not only found my passion there, but found all sorts of new things to fall in love with about LiveJournal.

However, I strongly believe in the userbase. I feel that it is important that the USERS choose what happens to the website, and that a good line of communication between the developers and the users should be maintained. I don't believe in making changes to a website like this without the consent and voice of the users - no matter what their account status. LiveJournal is a community, and like any other community, a democratic approach would be the best one in terms of satisfying users. After all, without YOU, the users, there wouldn't BE an LJ, now, would there?

I support fandoms; I believe that a freedom to express oneself is part of the culture of the Blogosphere and LiveJournal. Rooted in this are the fandoms that I find myself browsing; while I haven't yet stapled down and fully joined one, I maintain a mutual respect for this creative expression, as it is one of the driving forces behind LiveJournal. (In addition to LoLcats)

Anyway, enough about me :)
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